Digital learning offer a rich, engaging experience that improves students learing skills and increases productivity.

Digital learning offer schools a proven, cost-effective way to deliver learning contents and applications with real learning benefits:

Digital learning helps more engaging experience for the pupil and easy to understand and track progress

  • Offer users a richer, more engaging experience.
  • Keep pace with users' rising expectations.
  • Increase customer loyalty and generate higher profits.
  • Leverage existing personnel, processes, and infrastructure.

Read: Respond : Engage

A unique online resource designed and developed with the latest technology to support the use of high quality graphical interface combined with all the usability features to get people engaged. This app will inspire pupil to start talking, reading and writing about their favorite books with a huge amount of interactive activities and task to support.

Digital Learning screens
  • Action Script 3

  • XML Data Binding

  • UI Implementation

  • Usabiltiy Engineering

Integrating FLASH with SMART SDK

Communicating events across SMART SDK and Flash action script has been a real technological adventure, and we proved that it could begin the flow of next generation SMART applications, with more interactivity .

Use a few of the new styles together, and you've got easy pull quotes or a great introductory article image. Or spinning icons for loading.

Featured Works

Real Stage Experience

- Teacher Schedule and Assign -

A better way for teachers to schedule and assign learning contents across pupil and group

Multi - Touch Game

- SMART Table app -

Multiple users interact on the same game for a better user involvement.

Improve Learning Skills

- Pupil Desktop -

Pupil desktop for organising and scheduling things to learn, better understanding

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